Aquaplanet Paddle Boards Review: best value for money SUPs?


Aquaplanet paddle boards are value-for-money products, while the brand strives to offer stellar customer service. Other inflatable sups in the same price range don’t provide the same quality and stellar features – you can see that fact mirrored in Aquaplanet’s warranties.

Let’s see which products you can choose:


This sup is the narrowest, shortest, and thinnest of the bunch, so it’s easy to manoeuvre and sleek. You’ll find that Aquaplanet ALLROUND is highly responsive.

However, we recommend it for calm waters and small waves if you’re a beginner.

Also, the maximum recommended user weight is 100 kg. However, this sup might not perform so well if you’re over 80 kg.

In this case, the ALLROUND Ten Paddle Board can dip too much in water because it’s just 10-cm-thick.  Therefore, you’ll face more water resistance, and the board will be more challenging to handle.

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Aquaplanet MAX SUP Review

Aquaplanet MAX SUP Review

Max Sup is a stable and easy-to-handle paddle board. However, it’s longer, thicker, and broader than the ALLROUND Ten Sup. That means it’s slightly more difficult to manoeuvre if you’re a complete newbie.

If you know at least a little bit about paddle boarding, the MAX Sup is best for you.

Conversely, its bulkier design has the advantage of added stability, especially for the tall and heavy. Therefore, you can take this paddle board out in medium waves or use it for yoga. You can even use it with another person, but only if you’re below the 120 kg weight limit.

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Aquaplanet PACE SUP Review

Aquaplanet PACE SUP Review
Aquaplanet Pace Sup is best for speed and glide in very choppy waters. Besides, its dimensions allow maximum responsiveness and rigidity. That reactive feel is what enables you to handle this board effortlessly.

Pace Sup also differs from its two siblings above because it’s pointier. That way, you can deal with higher waves without getting all wet or losing your balance.

Thanks to its lightweight and rigid construction, we recommend Aquaplanet Pace to beginners and families. You can also use it on more extended tours because it’s a sturdy board that’s easy enough to handle.

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Aquaplanet Specifications

Aquaplanet paddle boards are all-around sups that you can use in most water conditions. The three products we discussed have the following stats:

  • Length: 305-325 cm
  • Width: 76-79 cm
  • Thickness: 10-15 cm
  • Weight: 10-11 kg
  • Recommended user weight: 100-120 kg

Here’s how these specifications influence your choice:

  • If you want increased stability, choose a thicker, wider sup
  • If you want more speed, choose a longer and narrower sup
  • If you crave an easy to handle sup, choose a shorter one

Aquaplanet Paddle Board Review

All of the three sups by Aquaplanet share various similarities because they’re inflatable and all-around.

However, they cater to different purposes:

  • Aquaplanet ALLROUND Ten Sup is more incisive. However, it’s not that steady if you’re in the tall & heavy category.
  • Aquaplanet Max is better for larger people.
  • Aquaplanet Pace performs better in high waves, although it’s slightly more challenging to manoeuvre.

Let’s start with the similarities:

Easy To Inflate

All three Aquaplanet sups feature dual-action pumps that inflate your paddle board in minutes. That way, you can ride the waves quickly, and you won’t lose strength inflating your sup.

When you’re done, use to deflate your paddle board quickly.

Quality Materials And Craftsmanship

The three Aquaplanet paddle boards are made from fuse-laminated military-grade PVC. This material ensures that your sup won’t bend under your weight because you can inflate the board to the max.

Adding to that stable feel is the Anti-flex material around the sups. Over this part, the outside Rockproof rail tape offers increased rigidity.

Besides, Aquaplanet sups feature reinforced Drop stitch construction. Therefore, your paddle board can last for longer.

On top of those materials, the Deluxe EVA deck pad features a diamond-cut pattern. You probably know that EVA is a contouring and cushiony material that supports your feet in the correct posture. Besides, its diamond-cut design ensures extra traction and prevents slips.

Don’t forget the deluxe leash.

Usually, affordable brands will compromise quality when it comes to leashes because they’re just an accessory that doesn’t affect your board’s overall functionality.

Conversely, a soft, comfortable leash allows you to focus on your ride. Besides, it doesn’t chafe your ankles.

Triple Fins

The Aquaplanet sups in this review feature a triple-fin system that allows more speed. If you’re paddle boarding in shallow waters, you can remove the central skeg. This fin’s purpose is to allow easier tracking, so it’s an excellent addition for beginners.

Four Stainless Steel D Rings

You can use these D-rings to install a kayak seat. If you’re fishing or want to chillax with a book, this seat will feel like a gift from the heavens.

Besides, some customers say they’ve secured their kids on their kayak seats for short rides. You can do that too because the four D-rings are very sturdy – they’re made of stainless steel!

Useful Extras

All Aquaplanet paddle boards come with complete packages. Therefore, you can take them straight to the waves without needing anything else.

First, the adjustable paddles feature a Quick-adjust Telescopic System. That means you can change their size effortlessly between 170 and 220 cm. Besides, these paddles offer excellent grips, and they’re also resistant.

Secondly, you get a waterproof dry bag where you can store all your valuables during the ride. You also get a roomier and sturdier backpack for your sup, paddles, pump, and repair kit.

Yes, there’s a handy repair kit included, too, with everything you need in case of common accidents.

Warranty And Customer Service

These three Aquaplanet Sups come with one-year warranties. That period might not seem like much, but it’s actually a lot for the price range. Besides, many customers claim their sups lasted much longer than that.

Moreover, Aquaplanet’s customer service is extremely reliable. All customers who’ve had issues with their boards praise the fantastic support they received from Aquaplanet.

For example, the staff replies immediately and answers all of your questions. If there’s a problem with one of the included items, they’ll send replacements within a business day. Plus, you can find lots of useful info on Aquaplanet’s FAQ page.

In Conclusion

Aquaplanet sups are quality products made from sturdy materials. The customer service is excellent, and you get a lot of practical extras in the package. However, each paddle board fits a different purpose.

  • ALLROUND: best for beginners, light people, and flat waters
  • MAX: best for beginners and intermediates, heavier people, and medium waves
  • PACE: best for all expertise levels, heavy people and families, tours, and high waves

Make no compromises when it comes to quality. Aquaplanet paddle boards are value-for-money items that you’ll use for a long time – get the best one for your needs.