15 Benefits of Paddle Boarding


Paddle boarding is often considered one of the many water sports that anybody can learn how to do within a short amount of time, which makes it very accessible for those who would like to try out new activities that they might never have thought about before. If you have never been paddle boarding before, this article will convince you that it is a great activity to try out.

Here are some of the most important benefits of paddle boarding:

15 Benefits of Paddle Boarding

1. It’s easy to learn

It might take some time and effort to build up your upper body strength so that you can last the entire time during an outing, but before you know it, you will be able to steer and move around on the water like a pro. You can get more skilled and use more advanced standing positions as you practice over time.

1. Get a full-body workout

Paddle boarding works your core, arms, and back muscles in ways that other water activities do not. It is a harder workout than just swimming or boating.

2. Make it easier to get into the water

If you have ever been nervous about getting in the water because of waves or other factors, paddle boarding can make it easier by giving you a platform to stand on and increasing your stability.

3. Utilise different muscles than you do when walking or running

You use the same muscles when walking and doing any other type of exercises such as rowing, biking, or other activities that utilize two arms for propulsion. However, you use different muscles when doing just one arm at a time because you are constantly adjusting the weight of your body.

4. Large upper body workout

The best part about paddle boarding from an exercise perspective is that it works out your upper body much more than other water sports, which means you can still improve your physical strength even if you are unable to swim well. All you need to do is keep moving forward with each stroke so that you get a full-body workout.

paddle boarding with family

5. Provides an activity that is easy to do with family or friends

Surprisingly few activities can be done easily with a large group of people. Paddle boarding qualifies as this type of activity because it can accommodate many people at a time and everyone can have a good time together.

6. Experience nature in a new way

You can experience many different things on paddle boarding trips, such as scenic views of the ocean, wildlife, plants, birds, sunsets, and more that you might never notice from an above-water perspective. This is one of the many benefits of SUP boarding.

7. Great for all ages

You might think that parents would be too old to use paddle boards, but this is not the case in reality because the difficulty level can be adjusted depending on your age and experience. Many parents enjoy bringing their kids with them on paddle board outings. Most boards are large and stable enough to accommodate individuals of any age.

Learning how to paddle board is also very accessible because it does not require any special equipment. Just a few key items such as the paddle, life jacket, sunscreen, and an optional dry bag to store small items in when you want to go on overnight trips.

8. Provides an excellent full-body endurance workout

You work your core, back, arms, and legs in ways that you do not normally get with other water activities. This helps improve your physical strength and cardiovascular system which leads to many benefits such as improved stamina during other physical activities, faster healing time after working out or playing sports, and even better sleep at night.

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9. Improve self-confidence

Although you might feel like your paddling is not very effective, every movement that you make creates forward momentum which helps improve your confidence because it makes you feel more powerful. The feeling of confidently working out and improving your skills over time will boost your sense of self-confidence as well.

10. Burns calories

You can burn hundreds of calories each time you go for a paddleboard outing. On average, it is estimated that an hour of paddling on the water will help you burn at least 500 calories. This is one of the most significant benefits because so few other forms of exercise can help you lose this many calories in such a short time period.

11. It’s a great way to start your day early

Starting the day off with an outdoor activity helps create a positive outlook for the rest of the day. This makes it easier to stay focused on your goals and maintain high levels of productivity at work or school. You will also feel happier if you get more sleep each night by starting your day early.

12. You can bring along your child or a pet

If you plan to go paddle boarding with a pet or small child, they will appreciate the chance to get out on the water as well since it gives them something exciting to do during their day too. Make sure that younger children know how to swim well before taking them out on your board, and be sure to bring along extra life jackets if necessary.

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13. It’s an excellent workout for the leg muscles too

You might think that paddle boarding is not a great exercise option because it does not focus much on working out the legs, but you would be surprised at how much you can benefit from this activity. You might not work out your leg muscles as much during the paddle boarding itself, but you will still get a good workout when swimming to and from the board in order to move it around on the water.

14 . It’s a great exercise for the entire family

Paddle boarding is an excellent choice for entertaining the whole family because it works to improve your physical strength. Instead of just sitting down at the beach and waiting to be entertained, you can all work together to take turns paddling any way that you feel comfortable. Just make sure that older children know how to swim well before putting them on the board, and do not go out on the water if it is too windy.

15. You learn more about yourself through self-reflection

After each trip, you will find that you learn more about what it takes to be the best version of yourself. Paddle boarding helps to increase your self-awareness because you get a chance to see how others react to situations, which makes it easier to figure out for yourself what works and does not work for you.

In conclusion

Paddle boarding provides several benefits that are hard to get with most other water activities including an excellent full-body workout, easier access to the water, more muscle groups involved than with two arms only, unique opportunities for viewing nature and wildlife, great for all ages both children and adults, ideal activity for outdoor adventures, and a great way to start your day off early.

All of these are just some of the reasons that you should think about using a SUP board more often. Whether you choose to take overnight trips or just enjoy a day of fun with your friends, this is one exercise option that can help you to get in your best shape yet.