5 Best Budget Paddle Boards


If you need the best budget paddle board, you came to the right place. The products we review below don’t compromise quality for cost.

We’ve chosen five rugged sups that will last against the most common wear and tear. These boards don’t bend in the middle and have plenty of space for your feet.

But remember: choose according to your needs if you don’t want to regret your purchase.

Some of these boards are better for speed, while others offer increased stability. We recommend some of these for beginners, while others are better for advanced skill levels.

Want to find out which paddle board suits you? Keep reading.


But if you’re in a hurry, here are some of the best-selling cheap paddle boards available on Amazon UK right now:

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Triclicks 10ft / 3m Stand Up Paddle Boards Inflatable SUP Board Surfboard - Beginner’s Kit....
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FunWater Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board 340x80x15cm Ultra-Light Everything Included ISUP, Adj...
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Bestseller No. 3
FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 320x83x15cm Ultra-Light Paddleboard with Inflatable SUP...
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  • 🏄‍♂️ 【Versatile Board】: This standup paddle board is suitable for paddling, yoga,...
Bestseller No. 4
FunWater Inflatable 320x83x15cm Stand Up Paddle Board Ultra-Light SUP with Accessories Adj Paddle,...
  • 🏄‍♂️ 【Stability】: The inflatable Stand Up Paddling Board is 320×83×15CM in size but...
  • 🏄‍♂️ 【Full accessories】: Adult paddle boards come with everything you need: your board,...
  • 🏄‍♂️ 【Versatile Board】: This standup paddle board is suitable for paddling, yoga,...
Bestseller No. 5
FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards,SUP Board,6"Thick Stand Up Paddle Boarding,Paddling Board...
  • Professional inflatable stand up paddling board: The inflatable SUP board features a high-density...
  • All ages and water bodies: The all-round SUP is suitable for both teenagers and adults, beginners...
  • Easy to manoeuvre: The triple floor panel fins can effectively increase the speed of the main board...

What to Look for in a Budget Paddle Board

Even if you’re here looking for a budget paddleboard, you should know there are different subcategories to this broader category. Thus, each price increase brings new features and expectations to the table.

A £200 paddleboard can be too cheap to be worth it. The accessories like the single-action pump and aluminium paddle may be too difficult to use. Besides, the single PVC layer design is relatively flimsy.

A £300 paddleboard is slightly better because you can expect more durability and a better pump. However, a £500 paddleboard would offer a 2-3-layer construction, plus a fibreglass paddle and double action pump.

If you want better craftsmanship, a more ergonomic paddle, and a faster pump, you should consider allocating about £800-£1,000 for your paddleboard.

Since not everyone has that budget, let’s see which factors not to compromise on.


Inflatable paddle boards are manufactured with PVC, which is light, resistant, and easy to mould in the desired shape. A cheap paddleboard will only have one layer of PVC, and it will break quickly.

So, if you want a value-for-money SUP, consider one that has two or three PVC layers.

Pro tip: Some companies claim to use “military-grade” PVC. This determiner refers to the PVC thickness used in that specific paddleboard, but it’s not automatically better. By comparison, a three-layer laminate SUP is more rigid and lasts longer than a single-layer military-grade PVC.

Construction & Technology

Most cheap paddleboards have single or double drop stitch constructions. Single-layer drop stitches are lower quality because they don’t allow you to inflate your SUP to high pressure. As such, your board will be less rigid and more difficult to handle.

That construction disadvantages heavier set people and those who use their paddleboards often.

By contrast, double-layer drop stitches last longer and increase your paddleboard’s rigidity. That means you can use your paddleboard in challenging conditions without problems, such as shallow, rocky waters or in higher winds.

Still, double-layer drop stitch paddleboards are heavier and challenging to roll compared to more expensive SUPs. These paddleboards encapsulate the drop stitch core in polymer layers and use heat-treated seams to increase the board’s rigidity while keeping the overall weight low.

That brings us to the next point:

Paddleboard Size

Usually, inflatable paddleboards weigh 17-25 pounds and reach 9-12 feet in length. You can recognise a cheap paddleboard that won’t last long because it’s flimsy, short, and narrow.

Sure, you want a shorter paddleboard to not get blown around by the wind in some cases.

You may also want a light SUP to get more speed.

But, a 10-pound paddleboard reaching 6 feet in length isn’t acceptable. The same goes for width.

For instance, a 32-inch SUP is great for beginners or Yoga. A 29-inch paddleboard will help you cut through the waves at high speed.

But a 21-inch SUP is not something you want to try unless you’re a child.

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You may want your budget paddleboard to include D-rings, but it would be wise to compromise on them unless you need them.

For example, you will need D-rings to attach a kayak seat if you want to fish or if you’re going to relax at sea. But if you don’t need that kayak seat, consider another paddleboard in the same price range with more helpful features.

Then, as time passes and you discover new uses for your paddleboard, you can glue on additional D-rings for gear or paddleboard a seat.

Paddleboard Packages

Budget paddleboards come with certain accessories included in the package. Most frequently, you will receive:

  • Paddle
  • Carrying bag or backpack
  • Leash
  • Pump
  • Dry bags
  • Phone cases

When you’re on a budget, you should know exactly which accessories would be practical for you instead of being thrown back by their sheer number.

For example, you may have your waterproof, ergonomic backpack at home. Or, you have a high-tech action pump from a previous paddleboard.

In this case, purchase a SUP with no other accessories apart from a high-quality carbon fibre paddle.

Remember that it’s better to get a few quality accessories that you need urgently. You can save money for the others and buy them later instead of getting multiple, low-quality paraphernalia today.

5 Best Budget Paddle Boards in the UK

Now, without any further ado, let’s review the best cheap paddle boards currently available on the UK market:

Nemaxx Stand Up Paddle Board: best cheap sup for beginners

best cheap sup for beginnersThe Nemaxx Unisex Sup is the best budget stand up paddle board, especially if you’re a beginner. For example, newbies may have a tough time keeping their balance on sups. If you’re a beginner, you tend to strain your feet and back instead of maintaining a relaxed, natural posture.

However, the Nemaxx Unisex Paddle Board keeps your feet comfortable and offers increased stability thanks to its EVA deck. EVA is one of the best materials to contour your feet in an aligned position, but in this case, it comes with something extra:

It’s heat-embossed, which means it’s non-slip.

Also, the Nemaxx Sup is relatively durable. This paddle board is 150 mm thick and features a drop-stitch technology for extra longevity. You can manoeuvre it easily to obtain excellent speeds while keeping your balance.

The second reason we recommend this for beginners is its complete package. Nemaxx Paddle Board comes with everything you need, including a repair kit, coiled leash, pump, and backpack. That way, you can use your sup right out of the box without investing in additional equipment.

Once you get the gist of it, you can decide whether you need to buy better things.

That’s because, as one user puts it:

The board is excellent, but the accessories are fragile, especially the pump gauge.

  • Comfortable EVA padding
  • Increased stability
  • Thick
  • Durable
  • The complete package for immediate use
  • Best for beginners
  • Fragile accessories

Check best price on Amazon UK

AQUAPLANET PACE SUP: best budget inflatable sup for speed

best budget inflatable paddle boardThe Aquaplanet Pace Sup is one of the best budget sups for speed and glide. That’s because this sup is responsive and pointy so that you can take charge of it even as you’re racing faster.

This sleek inflatable paddle board is also best for beginner and intermediate levels because it’s a stable piece of equipment. That’s because the 6-inch thick paddle board features a diamond-grooved deck that doesn’t strain your feet. Besides, thicker sups offer increased balance.

And stability doesn’t come at the price of sacrificing speed.

That’s because Aquaplanet Pace’s triple fins increase your speed while also keeping you balanced. The traction pads will support your feet, too, without feeling too itchy or rugged on your skin.

Bonus: the Rockproof rail tape enhances this sup’s rigidity.

We also recommend this paddle board for people in search of getting the most value from their money.

The Aquaplanet paddle board is durable and, therefore, backed by a one-year warranty. You can see that from the mix of quality materials used: EVA deck pad, stainless steel rings, and military-grade laminated PVC bottom.

This sup is also easy to inflate and stylish.

Another advantage is that you get everything included in the package, such as an adjustable paddle, repair kit, pump, and leash. You’ll also find one bag for your things while you’re at sea and one for the deflated sup.

However, these accessories aren’t the best quality. Some customers complain about the bags’ zippers, others about the pump’s ability to inflate the board. The good news is that most users agree about the paddle boards’ durability and functionality.

  • Thick
  • Diamond-grooved deck for extra grip
  • Triple-fin system for speed and balance
  • Rockproof rail
  • Durable
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Easy to inflate
  • Stylish
  • Complete package
  • The included accessories aren’t best

Check best price on Amazon UK

Goosehill Sailor Stand Up Paddle Board: best lightweight sup for heavy people

best lightweight cheap paddle boardGoosehill is a reputable brand in the world of inflatable paddle boards. This company manufactures the best inflatable paddle boards on the market for budget adventurers. Their customer service is quick and friendly, while their products are durable. For example, the Goosehill Sailor features a three-year warranty.

But this sup comes with a unique selling proposition:

It’s very light compared to its competitors, even the two products we reviewed above. Still, it holds people up to 200 kg.

What does it mean that the Sailor is just 20.5 pounds, although it’s not tiny? Well, you’ll find out when you’ll take it to the sea.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you can gain more speed. That’s fun if you’re an intermediate or experienced paddler. This stand-up paddle board is hard-plastic and grippy enough to keep the right balance, but we don’t recommend it to newbies because it feels abrasive on beginners’ feet.

Here’s another thing related to its weight:

Goosehill Sailor sails mostly on calm waters. You can use it on quiet lakes and rivers or even the ocean on a windless day.

Just like the two products above, this paddle board features all the accessories you need. The main difference is that these are stellar, even the hand pump.

  • Quality materials and accessories
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to inflate
  • Best for speed
  • Light
  • Friendly customer service
  • 3-year warranty
  • 200 kg max weight
  • Too light for wind and high waves
  • Not for beginners

Check best price on Amazon UK

FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP: best lightweight sup for intermediates

best affordable inflatable paddle boardThis FEATH-R-LITE paddle board is even lighter than the Goosehill Sailor, but here’s the most significant difference:

It’s better for medium skill levels. That’s because this sup features three removable fins that increase its speed, but also the overall balance. By contrast, Goosehill Sailor boasts just one removable fin, even if it’s 2-inch wider at 32” than the 30” FEATH-R-LITE.

We also recommend FEATH-R-LITE for beginners because its EVA deck pad feels more contouring and comfortable for newbies’ delicate feet.

Here’s the catch:

You have to know at least how to stand on sups.

The FEATH-R-LITE isn’t meant for learning that skill. Also, the lack of back grip makes kickback and pivot turns more challenging for beginners.

On the downside, this sup only holds people up to 100 kg, which is half of Goosehill Sailor’s weight limit.

This could be a problem is you’re of ample build.

That said, both boards are quality, PVC-made, and 6-inch thick. Also, they both include grade-A accessories.

  • Stable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Contouring
  • Quality PVC made
  • 6-inch thick
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quality accessories
  • Nor best for learning how to stand
  • Not best for pivot or kickback turns
  • Not best for wind and high waves

Check best price on Amazon UK

Tigerxbang SUP Board Stand Up Paddle Board: best lightweight budget sup for beginners

best budget paddle board for beginnersTigerxbang SUP Board is one of the best lightweight sup boards if you’re a novice working on a budget. That’s because this paddle board weighs just 11.5 kg, but it’s large, grippy, and stable.

For example, the middle anti-skid plate is manufactured with diamond-cut EVA. You probably know that EVA is a contouring material that cushions your feet in an anatomically correct position. However, the diamond-cut texture ensures extra traction so that you can stay safe on your paddle board.

Besides, the Tigerxbang sup is spacious at 32 inches, which means you can spread your feet far enough for ideal stability. Plus, even if you lose your balance for a bit, you can regain it quickly.

Also, just like most products above, the Tigerxbang paddle board is 6-inch thick. That means it doesn’t bend when you’re on the water.

Need extra safety?

Use the safety leash for your feet and bungee cord for your things.

Besides, this board is sturdy and durable. The double-sided sandwich construction features strong drop stitches that don’t come undone easily. Thus, the Tigerxbang board can support up to two people, provided their weight is below 150 kg total.

We also like Tigerxbang Sup because it’s versatile for beginners. According to the company, you can use it for surfing, fishing, relaxing, or even yoga.

Here are the problems:

Tigerxbang Sup doesn’t have the best accessories on the market, even if it comes with a complete package. For example, some customers complain about less-than-functional pumps.

Although this board is advertised as a beginner piece of equipment, it comes with just one removable fin. Fins are essential for tracking, and you need them to keep the board stable when you’re stroking. However, experienced paddlers are better at tracking with just one fin compared to beginners.

  • Light
  • Large
  • Good traction
  • Contouring and cushiony
  • Wide
  • Thick
  • 150 kg max weight
  • All accessories included
  • The pump isn’t best
  • Just one fin included, although the board is made for beginners

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In Conclusion

Although you’re looking for the best budget paddle board, you need to consider other factors. Not all cheap inflatable sups are created equal. For example, the products we reviewed in this article are quality but have different purposes.

Choose according to your needs, skill level, and preferences. Don’t compromise on quality, and don’t fall for marketing lingo. Make sure your paddle board is manufactured with durable materials and that it’s easy to steer.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Nemaxx Unisex_Adult: Best affordable sup for beginners
  • AQUAPLANET PACE: Best budget inflatable sup for speed
  • Goosehill Sailor: Best lightweight sup for heavy people
  • FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable: Best lightweight sup for intermediates
  • Tigerxbang SUP: Best lightweight budget sup for beginners