HIKS Paddle Board Review: Three Best SUPS From HIKS


HIKS is a trustworthy paddle boarding company in the UK. They want to popularise this sport, and that’s why they offer value-for-money sups.

Their unique selling proposition is letting you try all their products before making your purchase. HIKS is currently the only paddle board brand boasting this offer.

Here’s what you have to do to take advantage of it:

Plan a visit at their Essex headquarters. You can try any of their paddle boards directly on the water to see what fits and what doesn’t. Besides, their friendly and expert staff will help you directly at their base or through customer service.

And they’re really chatty too.

Quick Overview

  • Thickness: 10-20 cm
  • Width: 71-151 cm
  • Length: 305-457 cm
  • Paddleboard weight: around 12 kg
  • User weight: 100-650 kg

Remember that:

  • Thinner boards are more flexible, therefore, better for speed. Thicker boards are better for beginners because they’re more stable.
  • Wider paddle boards are more stable against high waves. They’re also better for tall people. Narrower sups catch more speed and are easier to steer.
  • Longer sups are faster. Shorter ones are easier to handle.

HIKS Sup Review

All of HIKS sups offer the following features:

  • D-ring eyelets
  • Storage bungee
  • Carrying handle
  • EVA traction pad
  • Air valve
  • Adjustable aluminium paddles
  • Water-resistant backpack

Thanks to the materials used, these sups are:

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use right out of the box

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this review:

HIKS Blue 10ft is the smallest of the bunch. It’s best for thin, short people and flat waters.

HIKS MAORI 10.6ft is slightly larger and accommodates more weight. We recommend this sup for larger paddlers and speed.

HIKS Double Skin SUP is the biggest in this review. It’s best for large people as well as touring.

HIKS 10ft Paddle Board Review: best lightweight HIKS sup

best lightweight HIKS supHIKS Blue is one of the best paddle boards if you’re paddling on flat waters. It’s easy to inflate and deflate so that you can get on the water quickly.

Although HIKS claims this paddle board offers the right amount of stability and balance, we have some observations.

Firstly, yes, the board is stable, but only if you’re not on the tall and heavy side. People with larger frames might have difficulties handling it because it’s only 71 cm wide and 10 cm thick.

Secondly, you may lose control of the HIKS Blue on wavier waters because it’s pretty light.

Otherwise, if you’re the right size, weight and use it on flat waters, HIKS Blue is excellent. It even has a detachable skeg for easier tracking.

We also like HIKS Blue because it’s safe. The 2.3-meter ankle leash holds well, and you won’t slip off the EVA traction pad. Besides, EVA is a contouring material that keeps your feet aligned. As a result of keeping the right posture throughout your ride, you won’t experience any aches or pains.

Besides, the elastic bungee cord doesn’t let your things fall into the water.

Another feature we like is the D-ring eyelets. These rings allow you to mount a kayak seat so that you can relax or fish from your HIKS Blue sup. Use the stainless steel ring to attach a line.

Plus, you get all the accessories you need in the pack. You’ll find an adjustable paddle, 15 psi pump, repair kit and waterproof backpack.

  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stable on flat waters
  • Light
  • Portable
  • Secure
  • Good traction
  • Ergonomic board
  • D-ring eyelets for seat
  • Complete pack
  • 100 kg max weight
  • Not best in wavy waters

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HIKS MAORI 10.6ft Paddle Board Review: best stable HIKS sup

best stable hiks paddle board The HIKS MAORI 10.6ft sup is 5 cm larger than the HIKS Blue on length, width, and height. But 5 cm can make a huge difference.

Just look at one stat: the maximum recommended user weight is 150 kg.

This 50% weight increase means that the board’s overall stability is also at least 50% better. Conversely, 5 cm in width and height don’t make a huge difference when it comes to speed. That’s because longer boards are also faster.

These measurements indicate one other thing:

HIKS Maori is better for beginners, even if you’re using it in higher waves. You can also use it in deeper waters.

That said, you’ll see some of the same materials and accessories that we discussed above. The EVA board is ergonomic, grippy, and prevents pain. You also get secure D-ring eyelets for your kayak seat, leash, a carry handle, and elastic cords for your things. Plus, the package includes a removable fin, hand pump, repair kit, and backpack.

  • 150 kg user weight
  • Light
  • Portable
  • Stable on most waters
  • Reliable for beginners
  • Grippy
  • Ergonomic
  • Complete package
  • Slightly more expensive than HIKS Blue
  • Slightly slower

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HIKS Double Skin SUP Paddle Board Review: best for family and touring

best hiks paddle board for touringThe HIKS Double Skin Sup sports some of the same features as its two siblings above. For example, it comes with quality and practical accessories, like the 15 psi pump, the adjustable paddle, and the repair kit.

The set also includes a detachable skeg, bungee cords for your things, and an ankle leash.

Plus, we bet you already know you’re getting an EVA board with D-rings for your kayak seat.

Here’s what makes HIKS Double Skin Sup different:

It’s 340 cm long and 82 cm wide. These dimensions make it perfect for stability and balance. Besides, the 15 cm thickness makes this sup more rigid. At the same time, the Double Skin paddle board is easy to manoeuvre.

And here’s another thing:

HIKS Double Skin Sup holds 150 kg weight max, just like HIKS Maori. However, its larger dimensions allow two people to climb on board. Therefore, you can paddle with your kid or your significant other, provided you’re below the weight limit.

Bigger isn’t always better, though.

Larger sups are not very fast, even if this particular one weighs just 12 kg like the other two sups above. Therefore, we recommend it for touring, yoga, fishing, or chillaxing.

  • Quality and useful accessories
  • Comfortable and grippy EVA board
  • Stable
  • Rigid
  • Easy to handle
  • It can accommodate two people
  • 150 kg max user weight
  • Allows kayak seat mounting
  • Light
  • Portable
  • Best for touring, yoga, and fishing
  • Not best for speed
  • The most expensive from the pack

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In Conclusion

Choose the right sup according to your needs. HIKS paddle boards are all quality products and won’t break the bank. However, they cater to different purposes.

HIKS Blue holds just 100 kg and is best for flat waters.

HIKS Maori supports 150 kg, and it’s best for stability and speed. That’s why we recommend it to beginners.

HIKS Double Skin accommodates 150 kg, but it fits two people. We also recommend this model for long rides at medium speeds.

Don’t forget that HIKS is a famous UK brand and all customers speak highly of its quality boards and excellent customer support. So, if you’re sticking to a budget, make the most of it.