16 Best places to paddle board in the UK

best paddleboarding places in the uk

Paddle boarding can be exhilarating or tranquil, a way to explore the environment or learn more about your history. No wonder so many people do it! But you shouldn’t waste your time in locations that don’t fit your needs and style. Read the article below to see the best UK locations for paddle boarding. We’ll …

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5 Best Paddle Boards For Beginners

best paddle board for beginners

If you’re a beginner at paddle boarding, your priorities have to be stability and comfort. Choose a sup that’s the right size for your body shape and skill levels. Also, make sure your paddle board is ergonomic, easy to track, and durable. Too much pressure? Keep reading and we’ll explain everything. IN A HURRY? But …

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Aquaplanet Paddle Boards Review: best value for money SUPs?

aquaplanet paddle board review

Aquaplanet paddle boards are value-for-money products, while the brand strives to offer stellar customer service. Other inflatable sups in the same price range don’t provide the same quality and stellar features – you can see that fact mirrored in Aquaplanet’s warranties. Let’s see which products you can choose: Aquaplanet ALLROUND TEN SUP REVIEW This sup …

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XQ Max Paddle Board Review: Is XQ Max Worth It?

xq max paddle boards review

If you’re browsing the internet for a reliable sup, you may have read good reviews about XQ Max.  But, considering these stand up paddle boards are so inexpensive, you’re wondering whether they’re quality. Here’s the truth: XQ Max stand-up paddle boards are not grade-A quality, and they’re best for petite people. We also don’t recommend …

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HIKS Paddle Board Review: Three Best SUPS From HIKS

hiks paddle board review

HIKS is a trustworthy paddle boarding company in the UK. They want to popularise this sport, and that’s why they offer value-for-money sups. Their unique selling proposition is letting you try all their products before making your purchase. HIKS is currently the only paddle board brand boasting this offer. Here’s what you have to do …

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5 Best Budget Paddle Boards

best budget paddle board uk

If you need the best budget paddle board, you came to the right place. The products we review below don’t compromise quality for cost. We’ve chosen five rugged sups that will last against the most common wear and tear. These boards don’t bend in the middle and have plenty of space for your feet. But …

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5 Best Sea Kayaks

best sea kayak

The best sea kayaks tackle many problems you won’t have on a lake or a quiet bay. The seas are more turbulent, as you’re exposed to more currents and higher winds. That’s why you need a resistant, durable kayak that keeps you safe and dry. For example, you’ll notice that quality sea kayaks feature skeg …

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Best Inflatable Dinghy: Buyer’s GUIDE And TOP Models

best inflatable dinghy in the uk

If you’re the lucky owner of a boat, you can spend more time with friends and family. Or even get more fish. However, traditional boats have many disadvantages because they’re expensive and take lots of space. The alternative is choosing an inflatable dinghy. The best ones are safe, they fit in the back of your …

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